Samsung GALAXY S 4 teardown tips real easy fix

When it comes to repairing the smartphone you own right this minute, chances are you've got such a difficult task at hand that you'll be better off handing the job over to a professional. When it comes to the Samsung GALAXY S 4, a teardown video (read: taking the device apart piece-by-piece) shown today appears to have revealed the device to be a rather easy-to-deconstruct setup. While this isn't the first time we've seen a GALAXY S 4 teardown (see an earlier rip-apart here with more detailed photos), it's nice to hear here and now that this device will be easier to repair than than the Galaxy S III – or so they say!

While the video you're about to see is nothing like the ultra-detailed macro-photographed teardowns we generally see from the likes of iFixit, the source providing this video to TechnoBuffalo can't be blamed: they're likely one of the first civilians to have done so. In the screencaps you're seeing above and below you'll get a basic idea of what this phone's innards are all about: simplicity. While we're not sure it was Samsung's intent that the end-user be able to repair the device on their own, it should be fairly clear that a simple construction process was in the manufacturer's plan.

The one piece that appears to be missing from this rather-excellent fixability situation is the fact that the Gorilla Glass 2 up front wont be able to be picked up at any corner store and placed in-place of this device's display-protector. For that you'll have wished you purchased device insurance instead. Have fun with that!

Have a peek at our full coverage of the Samsung GALAXY S 4 including our first massive hands-on with the device here and in the timeline below. This smartphone is headed to a US carrier near you extremely soon, and we'll have a review us as soon as we can muster it! Get pumped up for the final drop!