Samsung Galaxy Note III tipped in triple prototype phase

Yesterday we saw what was believed to be Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 in a leaked image showing a larger display than its Note 2 predecessor, as well as a host of specs. While the image was alluring, it was later discovered that the featured phone was not, in fact, the Galaxy Note 3, but instead a ZOPO ZP950 Android handset with a 5.7-inch display and no Samsung branding to be seen. That's not all, however, with a source saying that Samsung does have three Galaxy Note 3 prototypes floating around.

Of the three alleged prototypes, the source says there is one with a design inspired by the GALAXY S 4 flagship handset, another with a completely new design (breath of fresh air and all that), and a third that features a flexible display, which is the one that sounds most intriguing. The prototype that draws its design from the S 4 is featured in the concept above.

Different rumors have been popping up lately regarding the Galaxy Note 3, such as one that hit the Web a few weeks ago claiming the device will sport a new design, which is what one of the three prototypes at Samsung are rumored to have. Specifically, word has it the design will utilize metal in the place of plastic. Such a claim automatically brings one around to thoughts of the HTC One.

The rumored new design and GALAXY S 4-inspired design aside, the third concerning a flexible display design is the most interesting of the three. This seems to match up with a rumor we heard earlier this month that the Note 3 will feature a super-durable plastic display that is harder to crack than current offerings. For now, all remain the stuff of rumors, but if one of them proves to be true, we'll know in September when it is believed Samsung will launch the device.

[via Gotta Be Mobile]