Galaxy Note 10 vs S10 size: Feature leak confirmations

This morning a collection of codes were revealed showing the various Galaxy Note 10 models Samsung may well release this August. Consumers will have several more options with time around, with at least two different display sizes and a couple different iterations of the device for mobile connectivity. What won't change is the basic aim of the Galaxy Note in general – acting as supreme smartphone captain of the universe, what with its most-powerful processor of the year, S Pen, and top-notch hardware.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was tipped this week to roll with some new model codes which line up as follows: SM-N970, SM-N975, SM-N971, and SM-N976. The models 70 and 71 will look basically the same, as will the 75 and 76. The difference will likely be restricted to 4G LTE / 5G connectivity, between the pairs.

The lesser of the two main models will likely sport the 6.28-inch display tipped earlier this month, while the other will have a significantly larger display at 6.75-inches. Not one to cut corners when it comes to variety in display size, Samsung's likely aiming to out-do the Galaxy S10 5G with the larger of the two Galaxy Note 10 models – but only by 0.05 inches.

It would not be a shock to find the size of the Galaxy Note 10 (the larger version) matching up with that of the Galaxy S10 5G, with an ever-so-slightly smaller bezel. Somehow. At some point there's going to be no bezel at all – then where will we go?

The smaller of the two Galaxy Note models will likely fall in line with the surprisingly successful Samsung Galaxy S10E, E standing for Essential. Essential, per Samsung, means you've got all the features that make the smartphone model unique – without any of the frills. For the Galaxy S10E, that basically means it's still a Galaxy S10, just a little smaller, with a slightly more basic camera setup.

We can expect a 3x camera setup on the back of the Galaxy Note 10E (if that's what they choose to call it) and a 4x camera setup on the back of the larger Galaxy Note 10. That 4x camera setup will likely match (or slightly out-do) that of the Galaxy S10 5G. That'd mean 2x 12MP shooters, one 16MP, and one TOF sensor. The TOF sensor is for 3D-scanning for extended augmented reality and features we've not yet even imagined.

There'll likely be a similar setup up front for the Galaxy Note 10 as in the Galaxy S10 5G, what with 10 MP, f/1.9, 26mm (wide), Dual Pixel PDAF, and another TOF camera. Cross your fingers these similarities don't reach all the way to the lack of a microSD card slot.

We're expecting the reveal event for the Galaxy Note 10 to hit in early August, 2019. If tradition holds, the Galaxy Note 10 will be released in the last couple weeks of August, 2019, with 5G variants released at the same time or not long after, in select regions.