Samsung Galaxy Glass tipped as Google's first big competition

This week there's word that Samsung will be bringing on their own Google Glass-like device sooner than later, making it a sports-oriented pair of glasses that'll lead into a wider release as the years pass by. With the first release, so says Korea Times' "officials" – aka anonymous sources – there'll be an introduction between Mobile World Congress (coming up in less than a month) and IFA 2014. At the Berlin-based event, Samsung may well be ready to show the face-based wearable smart device off in hardware form.

The image you're seeing above comes from a Samsung patent filing from last year. This filing showed off a few bits and pieces on the potential for the device, suggesting that users would have to plug in while in motion – rather different from the offerings coming from other sports-related headsets out on the market today.

Samsung will quite likely be aiming for a much more affordable market, as it were. With the wearable smart device market today sitting quite readily in the universe which includes thousand-dollar headsets on the regular, there's a rather large space open on the lower end. Samsung isn't generally in the business of creating "budget" devices at the moment, but somewhere closer to the middle might be right up their alley.

The source speaking up this month with the Korea Times suggested that because "wearable devices can't generate profits immediately," that Samsung would be rolling with their "steady releases of devices" schedule. This means, essentially, that Samsung will keep releasing devices until – and through – a time in which they'll be making a hefty profit.

In the device you're seeing here, Samsung would have a transparent or translucent lens that would, in turn, work with a sort of projector unit which would appear very similar to Google Glass. At the moment, final specifications are not known.