Samsung Galaxy Beans leak, look to beat AirPods with unique features

Today Samsung Galaxy Beans leaked in three colors. This product is a pair of wireless earbuds that come in a charging case the likes of which have become exceedingly popular over the past few years. Samsung's new pair of earbuds are shaped more or less like lima beans, making them just about the most ideal shape to fit in your ear holes.

In the leak we see white, black, and what might well be called rose gold, but could just as easily be called metallic maroon. These earbuds are not made to disappear into your ears – they're not hearing aides, after all. Instead, they're made to look fashionable without looking obtrusive.

Galaxy Beans will likely work with ANC, noise cancellation, right out the gate. Imagery leaked this week suggests they'll have at least two microphone holes for sound input and three speaker grilles each, meaning we've got some rather interesting spacial sound potential.

Previous leaks suggested we'd see two speakers and three microphones in each Bean. That leak also suggested we'd see a price at or around $145 USD, cheaper than the launch price for the Samsung Galaxy Buds+.

The two gold circles you see at the head of the one Bean are the contact points for the device to charge in their custom Beans charging case. Each charging case will have a color that matches each different set of Beans. At the moment, it would appear that the Beans will launch in three distinct colors – but knowing Samsung, there's little chance that more colors won't be launched in the weeks and months that follow launch.

The Samsung Galaxy Beans wireless earbuds will very likely appear in their first official capacity on August 5th, 2020. After that, Samsung Galaxy Beans' release date will likely be in the first few weeks of August, just in time for the Galaxy Note 20 et al. We would not be shocked to find Galaxy Beans given away as launch bonuses for those users that are ready to purchase Galaxy Note 20 smartphones right out the gate, on pre-order.