Samsung Evolution Kit for Smart TVs to get big reveal at CES 2013

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Samsung will fully detail its Evolution Kit for Smart TVs at CES 2013, the company has confirmed, blessing 2012 sets with features set to debut next week as part of the 2013 range. The box – which slots into a nook on the back of models like the ES9000 we reviewed recently - contains a new processor, memory, and GPU, for faster internet browsing, better multitasking performance, and more responsive apps. The upgrade will also tweak the voice and motion control.

Exactly how the voice and motion systems will change is unclear. Currently, they allow you to control a Samsung TV by using the remote as a wireless microphone, asking it to load channels and apps, as well as dictating web URLs, while the integrated camera allows for navigation of the menus and of games via hand gestures.

Those features are likely to be refined even further for Samsung's 2013 range of Smart TVs, and those who already bought a set last year won't have to miss out. Samsung suggests this won't be a one-time upgrade, either; "every year," the company says, "consumers will now be able to enjoy the latest services."

A new UI is on the cards for this year, with an updated Smart Hub featuring five panels for Live TV, video on demand, apps, internet, and other content. No word on pricing or availability of the Evolution Kit, but it's likely to be cheaper than a brand new TV.

Meanwhile, Samsung is also teasing a "revolutionary" new TV for unveil next week.