Samsung continues iPhone war with "Screen Envy"

This morning Samsung has released a video spot which kicks 5.5-inch iPhone 6 rumors into the spotlight. The Samsung Galaxy S5 works with a 5.1-inch display, of course, allowing Samsung to fully utilize their "we did it first" finesse in the field. In "Screen Envy", Samsung brings the snark once again.

As we discussed back on the 14th of this month, TBWA Media Labs is more than likely responsible for the video spot you're about to witness. What's interesting about this is – also covered in the post you may have just clicked – that Samsung and Apple use TBWA Media Labs. TBWA Media Labs also created the MacBook Air ad that's been released this morning.

This is the same group that've created essentially the entire collection of "The Next Big Thing" ads for Samsung. This is every video spot you've seen over the past several years that cuts into Apple with envy-related videos – most of which involve people standing in lines for iPhones.

Let us know what you think of this video. Is it enough to make fun of an iPhone user for not having access to a larger display? Or does Samsung need to do more?