Samsung ATIV Q hands-on: Windows 8, Android, tablet, and notebook multi-mode

Chris Burns - Jun 20, 2013, 2:19 pm CDT
Samsung ATIV Q hands-on: Windows 8, Android, tablet, and notebook multi-mode

Today we’re having a look at the Samsung ATIV Q, a machine that the company has just unveiled this afternoon as a tablet that’s able to convert to a notebook and just as easily switch between Windows 8 and Android. This device works with a rather large 13.3-inch display with 3200 x 1800 pixel resolution (qHD+) that sits on a hinge that allows it to be flat as a tablet, up for notebook mode, in-between for multi-mode, and up-back for display mode.

This machine is detailed in full in our original Samsung ATIV Q official post, but for now you’ll want to know that inside rests a 4th-generation Intel Core i5 processor (Haswell) with Intel HD Graphics 4400. That’s quite easily the most powerful processor ever to run a native Android device, if that is indeed what we’re seeing here – we’ve yet to get the real hardcore details on how this switch between Windows 8 and Android is done.


The device itself is rather high-quality all around, coming in with a relatively strong body – especially important around the hinge area. Here you’ll find the Samsung logo emblazoned on the back, the display to be popping up with the Windows 8 logo up front, and a Samsung logo right up above, front and center.


While this device has yet to convince us to switch from a full-fledged notebook, it’ll be a rather interesting unit to use in the tablet environment, What happens when you’ve got a display this massive running your choice of Windows 8 or Android? Lots of games, that’s what.

The S-Pen for this device is also appearing to work for both the Android and Windows 8 side of things – closer inspection will be done by SlashGear soon to check on how detailed we can get with the pen – stay tuned!

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