Samsung 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab could launch in March

Samsung has been talking about a range of Galaxy Tab slates for months – the company confirmed a whole series of different sized tablets was in the works back at IFA 2010 and the launch of the first, 7-inch model – and it looks like 8.9-inches is the next target. According to Yonhap News, an unnamed Samsung spokesperson has confirmed that the 8.9-inch slate is in the works, and will be released via partnerships with carriers.

Exact specifications and release dates aren't known, though local reports in Korea apparently suggest that the 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab could arrive as early as March 2011. That would suggest an ambitious roll-out schedule; Samsung only launched the Galaxy Tab 10.1 last week, after all.

We're expecting Android to be the OS of choice – almost definitely 3.0 Honeycomb, as on the 10.1-inch version – which only leaves questions of processor and connectivity. Either way, it looks like the LG G-Slate will soon have some direct competition.

[via Samsung Hub - Thanks Andy!]