Saints Row gameplay teaser trailer should please hardcore fans

The first introduction of the new Saints Row Volition and Deep Silver delivered to the world was a CG masterpiece. It wasn't the game. It was more like cinematics that MIGHT be in the game at some point – but there was no gameplay. This is not a new strategy for any major game of this sort, but as per the norm, they faced a bit of backlash from gamers looking for that all-important tease of actual, real-deal gameplay. Now we have that... sort of.

The first piece of video shared by the companies behind Saints Row AFTER the first trailer appeared today with the name "SAINTS ROW Welcome to Santo Ileso Trailer." This trailer can be found below this paragraph. Before you tap it, know this: it's a mix of several different sorts of video, not just gameplay.

Santo Ileso is going to be the biggest city yet in a Saints Row game. It'll have several gangs that all act distinct from their counterparts. The game will be full of awesome weapons and massive customization for characters and gameplay.

Basically it'll be a new Saints Row game that'll deliver all the best elements of the previous entries in a new era with better graphics, optimized for the newest hardware. There's little chance that fans of the previous Saints Row games won't have a good time.

Or at least that's what it feels like. Given the relative successes and failures of a game like Gat Out Of Hell and the lack of success of the game Agents of Mayhem, the teams at Deep Silver and Volition likely have their ducks in a row for this newest and, hopefully, most gigantic release.

Does it look good to you so far? Are you excited to get back into the wild and wacky world of Saints Row, the likes of which haven't been delivered in a brand NEW title for basically half a decade? This new game, the Saints Row reboot, has an expected release date of February 25, 2022.