Rovio's Mighty Eagle to Appear in Death Rally GDC 2011 iOS Destruction Derby Game

I suppose you could call this game more of a race and kill game, along the lines of Twisted Metal, if you know what I mean – does it sound like the kind of game you'd be seeing birds flying around in? Heck no! That's why we found it utterly baffling when @Rovio spoke of "Mighty Eagle" aka the pay-for-help element in the original Angry Birds game appearing here in this new game for iOS, a remake of the 1996 original, Death Rally GDC 2011. Thusly your humble narrator inquired on what the heck was going on, to which we received word that Angry Birds wouldn't be appearing in the game, but that Mighty Eagle would, aiding players in their tasks at hand. Oh eagle! Why weren't you around when I was trying to beat Final Fantasy 7!? Not even born yet.

Is this the beginning of something much bigger for Rovio? Sure it is. They've already got their hands in quite a few pies including one major movie event by the name of RIO, why not try to attach themselves to other video games as well? If you'll take a peek at the video below, a trailer for the game Death Rally GDC 2011, you'll notice a single frame image near the end that you might very well recognize as your good pal Mighty Eagle. In this game we're going to assume he'll help in whatever single-player story mode they'll have going on – oh, and this game will only be on iOS for starters, but we're very much hoping for an Android release soon thereafter.

The single frame shows that notorious evil glare of the big bird, one that if you had no idea you were looking for, you'd almost certainly miss. Rovio made sure we wouldn't miss it by tweeting the video saying he'd be there, much in the same way they said there'd be a clue for Angry Birds' special secret RIO level during a trailer during the Super Bowl. In that case, it was a teeny tiny Angry Bird on a box that there was essentially NO WAY you'd have seen, again, unless you had the ability to stop the video and go frame-by-frame. Looking forward to more fun clues like this, Rovio – you're doing it right!