Rovio Launches Angry Birds Mooncakes and Barrage of Additional Products

In celebration of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival – otherwise known as the Moon Festival, Rovio has decided to release some signature shaped Angry Birds Mooncakes alongside a series of new products. Also, incase you were unaware, Angry Birds Seasons' next update will be "Moon Festival," again in celebration of the same holiday taking place in China this Fall. The mooncakes are available in Chinese confectionary stores now in custom male/female bags which are reusable then by the average super-chic kiddo who might want to bring their home-made lunch to school in bright red. These cakes also reveal a lady version of the classic red bird, this perhaps pointing toward a new type of bird to be slingshot in the future Seasons expansions.

We can thank AFP news in China for the official coverage of these cool and hopefully tasty little cakes, each of them individually packaged to retain their freshness. Each cake comes in one of several flavors: chocolate, mango, or pomelo, and they're always sold in pairs for $38 HKD (around $4.90). Rovio has also apparently promised to release the recipe for these tasty treats so that people can create their own at home – can we guess that special trays will be released then as well?

With this newest release comes Rovio's next step toward total world domination with the Angry Birds franchise. Food! How many games do you know have become so successful that they know a signature food item would be a good sell on the market? In addition to this release, Rovio aims to make a whole slew of new clothing items available, hats, t-shirts, and sneakers. Bags of all types, a laptop case, several new iPhone covers, and more! Check out the gallery below for more sneak peeks, then grab em all when they're available!

In other news, Angry Birds Seeks To Be Valued At $1.2 Billion and Rovio aims for 200 merchandise stores in China over the next three years. Sound like they're doing pretty well?

[via MicGadget]