Rolls-Royce Phantom Privacy Suite returns with its secluded rear cabin

First seen in 2018 as an expensive option in the Rolls-Royce Phantom extended-wheelbase model, the Privacy Suite is making a comeback to the delight of filthy-rich entrepreneurs, powerbrokers, oligarchs, and heads of state. Phantom Privacy Suite offers a secluded rear cabin with all the luxury and tech accouterments befitting of a modern Rolls-Royce.

According to Rolls-Royce, Phantom Privacy Suite is a "discreet sanctuary" fitted with advanced technologies and "executed with the exceptional material quality and artisanal finesse expected of the marque."

Standard equipment includes electro-chromatic glass enabling the rear windows to transform from transparent to opaque by pressing a button. Additionally, the package comprises power-operated privacy curtains and rear privacy glass to ensure no eyes can see what's happening inside the hindquarters.

Now, the privacy suite option is not only secluded to the highest degree, but it's deafeningly quiet, too. Rolls-Royce installed additional acoustic damping to add more silence to what is already the world's most silent motor car, using a frequency-specific compound to cancel the transmission of soundwaves from the rear to the front.

Of course, the boss in the back still needs to communicate with his/her chaeffuer occasionally, so Rolls-Royce gave Phantom Privacy Suite a standard intercom system. The rear passengers can speak with the driver and front passenger with the push of a button, but it only works one way. If the driver or front passenger needs to speak with the boss, they can 'call' the Privacy Suite, but the boss can choose to answer or reject the call.

Additionally, Phantom Privacy Suite has a massive aperture that opens or closes at the rear passenger's behest, offering "total rear suite isolation" when close. And when the boss is not busy making phone calls or signing important documents, he/she can watch the news or listen to music via Privacy Suite's rear theater entertainment system.

It comes with two 12-inch high-definition screens with an HDMI port to offer mirroring functions from your smartphone or tablet. You also get a USB port to store or copy audio files from the built-in 20GB hard drive. Finally, Rolls-Royce's magnificent starlight headliner and clock round up the list of luxury equipment.

Rolls-Royce failed to divulge the admission price for its newest Phantom Privacy Suite. Still, we assume that "peerless acoustic and visual security for passengers" won't come cheap, considering a 2021 Phantom has base prices starting at under $500,000.