Rolls-Royce expands brand identity ahead of new Ghost reveal

The all-new Rolls-Royce Ghost is debuting in a few hours, but the luxury automaker announced its new brand identity late last week. Answering the needs and preferences of a younger demographic, Rolls-Royce is transitioning from automaker to 'House of Luxury' with a modernized visual language.

"As the marque's digital presence increases, there has never been a more important time for the visual language of the company to reflect our standing as the leading luxury brand in the world," said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive of Rolls-Royce. "We have embarked on a fascinating journey of modernizing our brand identity to echo those changes seen in our portfolio, our client demographic, their lifestyle, and the luxury world that surrounds them."

The mission of creating Rolls-Royce's youthful new brand identity was undertaken by design studio Pentagram. The average Rolls-Royce buyer is 43 years of age, the lowest its been in the automaker's long and cherished history. Pentagram's job is to present the true heritage of the Rolls-Royce brand while envisioning a modern future.

"What soon became apparent is that Rolls-Royce has evolved from being regarded as an automotive manufacturer into a leading light in the world of luxury," said Marina Willer of Pentagram. "It was essential for us to ensure that the brand's new identity reflected this shift."

Meanwhile, the all-new second-gen Ghost is the purest expression of a modern Roll-Royce. Obsessively crafted using Rolls-Royce's new 'Post Opulence' design idiom, the new Ghost is opening the doors to minimalist luxury. A fine example is the new illuminated dashboard debuting in the new Ghost. This new feature is inspired by the marque's Starlight Headliner and consists of 152 high-powered LEDs to create a virtual star cluster and illuminated nameplate across the passenger-side dashboard.

According to Rolls-Royce, this new Illuminated Fascia is completely invisible when the car is off. The new Ghost will also have all-wheel steering and all-wheel-drive. We'll know more as the new Ghost debuts today.