Roku 4 appears in leaked photo

Signs that the Roku 4 is nearing are everywhere, and the anticipation has sent some hunting for an image of the device. We've seen what appears to be the next-gen Roku appear at at the FCC, and now someone has managed to locate an image of the device on Roku's own website. The link has since been pulled, but a copy of the image remains, showing a device that eschews the common product design for one that is wider and thinner.

The image was found by AFTV News, where a post detailed how the writer wrote a script that would hunt through websites to find images that hadn't been published that are related to certain keywords. That script was used to search Roku's website for signs of the not-yet-unveiled Roku 4 set top box.

It managed to find one, which at the time of publication was still available on the maker's website via the link "". You can see the image above — it shows a wide, relatively flat Roku player alongside a common Roku remote.

It features the same black player and purple accents, while the remote has the same audio port located on the side of the remote. The dedicated content buttons have changed a little, though, with one being there for YouTube and ESPN. Whether it is the real device is yet to be seen, but all signs point toward the affirmative.