Rogue Safari Pop-Up Flash Booster Creates Eight Times More Light

If you're a digital photographer who uses a DSLR camera you have probably wished your pop-up flash was brighter on more than one occasion. A company called ExpoImaging has announced a new device designed to test your DSL are and significantly increase the light output created by your pop-up flash. The product is called the Rouge Safari Pop-Up Flash Booster.

The attachment is designed to concentrate the light from the pop-up flash allowing you to photograph subjects at a greater distance. It's designed to be optimized for use with telephoto zoom lenses 100 mm or longer. The manufacturer says that the Rogue Safari is able to focus up to eight times more light providing an improvement of up to 3F/stops.

The device works on most modern Canon APS-C or Nikon DX sensor cameras. The Rogue Safari claims to put out almost as much light as equipping your camera with a $500 accessory flash. The Safari device sells for $35.

The Safari is also compact and lightweight weighing only 2 ounces and doesn't need any batteries. Since you are not connecting an accessory flash to a hot shoe, the battery life of your camera won't be impacted. The manufacturer of the flash booster does note that some older DSLR cameras won't work with the Safari so if your camera was made before 2007, you need to check compatibility before you order.

SOURCE: PhotographyBlog