Rocket League Fortnite crossover is a Llama Rama tomorrow!

Chris Burns - Sep 25, 2020, 12:15pm CDT
Rocket League Fortnite crossover is a Llama Rama tomorrow!

Today we’re looking at the announcement for the event called Lama-Rama. This is the biggest crossover push we’ve seen for Epic Games’ biggest titles yet, with Fortnite and Rocket League at the center of attention. Revealed on September 25, 2020, this event will see the Lama – everyone’s favorite pinata – appear in Rocket League along with the big blue bus.

In Rocket League LLAMA RAMA, we’ll see two new vehicles. One is a more traditional looking rocket racer sort of deal, but TRICKED OUT with llama goodness. This vehicle is painted with the blue, green, and pink of the Fortnite llama, and includes llama heads on the wheels and hood. You’ll also see the llama itself peeking out from the top of the vehicle.

There’ll also be a blue bus. This is a CHIBI version of the blue bus you’ve seen in Fortnite, appearing in Rocket League with ultimate boosters, bouncers, and odd flipping abilities in play. This is the version of the bus that you’d want to drive in the real world – fast and bouncy!

The event starts on Saturday – tomorrow – that’s September 26, 2020. This event exists (at first) only in Rocket League. The event is called Rocket League Llama-Rama because it’s a Rocket League event, but INSIDE said event, you’ll be able to earn in-game rewards for both Rocket League and Fortnite – joyous day!

Take a peek at the trailer for Nintendo Switch and let us know if you’ve already dropped in to the Epic Games launcher on your desktop machine to make the most of that whole negative ten dollar cost they’ve got going on right now. Or maybe you’re not about to drop in and have a whole bunch of fun because you don’t want to step in the trap that is downloading a game launcher that’ll then attempt to sell you more games? Either way, let’s have a chat!

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