RIM promises BlackBerry 10 sneak-previews to loyal customers

RIM is moving to placate anxious enterprise customers, attempting to reassure its corporate cash-cows that BlackBerry 10 will arrive to save the day before their handsets lose their luster. According to RIM CIO Robin Bienfait, while analysts and pundits might be predicting failure for the Canadian company, "the reality is straightforward: We have over 78 million customers that need our services on a day-to-day basis, and we're firmly committed to the launch of the BlackBerry 10 platform."

"All companies need to go through changes in their evolution" Bienfait says, "and it is our turn right now." Just as CEO Thorsten Heins flagged up on the company's financial results call earlier this month, Bienfait says that RIM is relying on its cash reserves to carry it through the changes. "I'm confident that we're well positioned" she insists. "What's important is that we have a clear direction, are pivoting rapidly, and are absolutely committed to achieving these goals."

Meanwhile, the CIO also revealed that RIM plans to give some customers sneak-previews of BlackBerry 10 so as to convince them of its worth and get suggestions for improvements. "In terms of meeting the needs and expectations," Bienfait says, "we'll be partnering with many of our enterprise customers to allow them to take a look in advance of the launch, so they can see for themselves what we're working on."

It's not clear when, exactly, that will be taking place, or indeed how RIM will be choosing those who get an early look. BlackBerry 10 is expected to hit retail devices in early 2013, having been delayed from RIM's initial roadmap of a late 2012 release.