Ricoh CX2 gains extra zoom, keeps HDR talents

Ricoh Japan have announced their latest digital camera, the CX2, an update of the CX1 launched back in February.  While the sensor may stay the same – a 9.29-megapixel CMOS – it's now paired with a bigger, 10.7x optical zoom (up from 7.1x) along with a boost in burst shooting, now at 5fps rather than 4fps.

There's also face detection and improved autofocus, the latter now supporting continuous AF along with pre-AF.  The existing 80 to 1,600 ISO range, 3-inch LCD preview display and automatic macro mode remain, as does a "high-contrast" black & white mode.

The CX2 comes with 88MB of internal memory and an SD/SDHC card slot, and will land in Japan on September 11th in black, silver and pink/grey versions.  It's priced at £299.99 ($496).

Press Release:

10.7 optical zoom (28 ~ 300mm) with about 5 frames / compact digital camera that achieves high-speed continuous shooting of the second "CX2" Release

August 20, 2009

Ricoh Corporation (Executive President: Kondou Shirou), 10.7 × optical (28 ~ 300mm) the thickness 29.4mm wide-angle and high magnification zoom with compact body, about the number of recorded pixels Still image up to 5 frames / digital camera is the second high-speed continuous shooting, "CX2" developed, and new releases.

Product Name CX2

Body Color Black / Silver / TSUTON (Pink x Gray)

Retail Price Open Price

Release Date September 11, 2009

Monthly volume 50,000 units

※ As accessories, RICHAJABURUBATTERI, battery charger, AV cable, USB cable, CD-ROM (software), including straps.

New "CX2" will, "CX1" (2009 Release 3) of the popular image processing engine "SUMUSUIMEJINGUENJIN IV", and image processing capabilities to expand high-speed CMOS image quality and dynamic range of sensors mounted while inheritance, (1) open up the possibility of optical作画from wide angle to telephoto zoom with 10.7 times, (2) The record number of pixels in the scene want to take 5 frames / second high speed continuous shooting function, (3) AF-friendly features "pre-AF" "continuous AF" and with the ability to strengthen and expand the area of shooting.

The scene mode to "high-contrast black and white mode" and "MINICHUARAIZUMODO" In addition to new and creative shooting modes to meet the desire and ability to detect faces in Easy mode, to automatically DAINAMIKKURENJIDABURUSHOTTOMODO To determine the effect of expansion in the "AUTO" and realize the power of conventional models and added features. By improving the capabilities to enjoy comfortable shooting, "使ITAKU become daily tools" as a more advanced camera.

1. 29.4mm thick optical freely taken from wide angle to telephoto in a compact body of 10.7 times zoom (28 ~ 300mm) with

Ricoh's unique "RITORAKUTINGURENZUSHISUTEMU" Newly developed optical zoom lens provides high magnification by the Sumi Hiroshi 10.7 times the thickness of both the mobile and 29.4mm operation was mounted on the body.

Wide-angle 28mm ~ telephoto 300mm high magnification zoom lens, and a vast landscape, shooting wide from distance in the room and not the subject, to a powerful telephoto shooting wide.

Was equipped with a zoom feature to change the zoom and keep high-speed zoom lever.

Two. Advanced high-speed continuous shooting function that takes a missing scene wants

Improved high-speed continuous shooting mode, continuous shooting. About the number of recorded pixels Still image up to 5 frames / high-speed continuous shooting is now available in seconds.

※ continuous shooting speed will vary by state and type of card or card and shooting conditions.

To record a series of images just before the shutter release button "M plus continuous shooting" mode that can shoot up to record the number of pixels. With a minimum of about shooting a scene with three seconds to 15 cards (5 frames / second) continuous shooting "M plus continuous shooting (9M)", about 30 pictures per second (30 frames / second) continuous shooting. " plus continuous shooting M (2M) "You can choose from two modes.

※ "M plus continuous shooting (9M)" image size is N3456 (9M) is fixed.

※ "M plus continuous shooting (2M)" image size is N1728 (2M) is fixed.

※ MP a continuous image file (an image file format to a multiple of two) and record.

From the moment the shutter button押SHI切TTA about 120 pictures a second (120 frames / s), or 120 copies in about two seconds (60 frames / s) ultra-high speed continuous shooting is possible.

※ The image size is N640 (VGA) is fixed.

※ MP a continuous image file (an image file format to a multiple of two) and record.

Three. Image processing engine "SUMUSUIMEJINGUENJIN IV" and high-definition CMOS sensor, can shoot high-quality

Image processing engine "SUMUSUIMEJINGUENJIN IV" High-speed processing with CMOS image sensors. You can shoot high quality images with low noise and high-definition.

Circuit with a dedicated image processing engine "output pixel interpolation algorithm", and to reduce the large difference between white and light-dark scene, and recreate the beauty of the remains seen.

Images can be recorded near the impression in the eyes of people saw "DAINAMIKKURENJIDABURUSHOTTOMODO" to set the exposure difference between the best automatic camera "AUTO" added. 12EV maximum equivalent to the effect of dynamic range expansion, and easy to enjoy.

Light and flash light and flash when shooting scenes with a mixture of sun and shade (such as fluorescent lights) and a mixture of scenes, in the conventional OTOHOWAITOBARANSU impressive people I saw in the eyes of the person shooting the scene in response to difficult To reproduce a color close to "multi-pattern OTOHOWAITOBARANSU" features.

Four. Mode with a new willingness to respond to creative photography

Taken to highlight the contrast of black and white mode than the normal "high-contrast black and white mode" feature. Taking or using super-sensitive film in film cameras, such as the sensitization process, you can record images ZARATSUITA impression.

Taken part to blur the images of heaven and earth "MINICHUARAIZUMODO" chip. The actual scene, you can record sound like a picture taken and reproduced in miniature.

Regardless of the configuration flash, AF assist light will turn off the sound action "manner mode" feature. This is useful when shooting in museums and museums.

Five. Function automatically detects faces in easy shooting mode to enjoy shooting with simple operations

If it detects human faces to the camera, face each other automatically to the focus, exposure and record the images to optimize the white balance. Compared to conventional, the number of detection and improved detection rate.

※ faces a maximum of eight subjects to detect.

When the subject of close range shooting, it automatically switches to macro mode, and enjoy macro shooting without having to worry about the hassle of switching modes.

Six. Reliably and quickly focus on the subject "Pre-AF", "continuous AF" function

To operate the camera to focus automatically without pressing the shutter button halfway, "Pre-AF" was mounted. To adjust the focus depending on the movement of the subject, allowing quick response to the shooting.

To detect movement of the subject while pressing the shutter button halfway, the focus will automatically work with the movement of the subject "continuous AF" was mounted.

7. 92 high-definition 3.0-million dot LCD monitor with VGA

Wide viewing angle, high contrast large, with high-resolution LCD monitor. Fluorine coated to prevent dirt, hard-coat anti-scratch, anti-reflective AR (ANCHIRIFUREKUSHON) gives the court, with the harder dirt and scratches, ensures a high visibility in strong sunlight outdoors.

sRGB color gamut of 100% by a broad, enabling display vivid images with high reproducibility.

8. "使ITAKU become daily tools" with the concept of functionality

The wide-angle (*) 1cm to 28cm in the telephoto and the macro shooting function that can approach the subject. (*) In the 35mm equivalent focal length 31mm

Familiar to them, we have adopted the easy-grip shape.

Level features using electron acceleration sensor.

Blurred IMEJISENSASHIFUTO correction function to reduce the system's hands blurred.

A guide to help you decide the grid pattern with three variations of the shooting.

Clip features images that can quickly display the image to see in the image. The conventional 3 files, 20 files were to be registered.

Product Name Model Retail Price Price includes tax

RICHAJABURUBATTERI DB-70 5,500 5,775 yen

Battery Charger BJ-7 4,000 yen 4,200 yen

Soft Case (Black) SC-90BK 3,500 3,675 yen

Soft case (brown) SC-90BN 3,500 3,675 yen

Lanyard ST-2 2,000 yen 2,100 yen

Cable Switches CA-1 2,800 yen 2,940 yen

AC Adapters AC-4c 5,500 5,775 yen

※ Focal length of all in this news release is equivalent 35mm format camera.

※ Digital camera "dynamic range" is a range of brightness that can be processed by the camera.

※ Described in this release "MP files", CIPA-normalized "MARUCHIPIKUCHAFOMATTO" based on "Extended MP files". (MPO is the extension)

CX2 images captured by the MP file, extracts a specific frame in the camera, the individual can be saved as JPEG images.