Reminder: our WIMM Spring Developers Project has come to a close!

Last week we held our Spring Developers Project featuring the WIMM One developer kit, a lovely tiny device with the power to run Android and a slew of "Micro Apps" which take full advantage of the fact that this object functions best as a watch! We had developers and everyday average brilliant citizens submit ideas for their own futuristic Micro Apps the whole week, and the results were more than encouraging – they were downright excellent! Ten of our favorites were chosen from the pack, and what we've got here is one final reminder that each of the following users had what we consider the latest and greatest in submitted Micro App coolness!

Each of the following TEN submissions to the SlashGear half of this project are eligible to collect a WIMM One developer kit from SlashGear courtesy of WIMM. If you are one of the people below, please be sure to contact us at giveaway[at] as soon as possible with your name, mailing address, and phone number so we can send you your WIMM!


1. Jacob Postle

"For those of us road warriors addicted to google maps and navigation, having a watch micro app that can start vibrating when you are about to miss a turn or drive into a nasty traffic jam would be killer... not to mention a great way to fend off road fatigue. As an added safety feature, an intrepid developer could add an option to start vibrating like crazy if the driver hasn't moved their wrist in a while. If some folks prefer visual to tactile cues, the wimm can be stuck on the steering wheel or instument panel and display simplified turn instructions without causing as much driver distraction as a full smartphone screen would."

2. Devin Bernosky

"An app that spoofs an urgent phone call. If you're having a horrible first date, or need an excuse to leave an awkward situation, launch the app on the WiMM, which activates a silent countdown. After the countdown, your phone rings, and you have a wonderful excuse to hurry off."

3. Syaizul A Syamil

"App that is connected to bluetooth sensors that allows monitoring of bodily condition like temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate and etc. And continuously record this into the phone while displaying live data on the watch. Also able to voice out critical data like "Warning – exceeded normal body temperature" would be useful."

4. Bob Nielsen

"What we need is a emergency notification app that will notify a person with a wimm one when there is a emergency in the area like tornado watch nuclear fallout or just flash flood."

5. Mike Loebl

"I'm into amateur radio and would love to integrate APRS (think instant messages/geolocation/news/weather/twitterlike and IM like before they were really popular on the Internet) Would be cool to have an app so I can see local stations, receive emergency weather alerts, and get notification when friendly ssid (stations) are within a certain proximity of my location. Ideally it would be client/server situation where I'd have the APRS server service running on my Android cell phone or tablet (can communicate to the APRS via the Internet via cellular/wifi or via the bluetooth interface to my APRS enabled transceiver in the car.) It could use the phone's internal GPS, and the server side would handle all the messaging/processing. the WIMM would be used as a client for the information display."

6. Ryan Poltermann

"How about for the motorcyclists (or even bicyclists) out there: use it as a garage door opener. Most garage door openers are for visor mounts, and they would be uncomfortable in a jacket. Tie that into home automation, and you're set when you get home."

7. Dale Chen

"Facebook app tailored for quick bite sized info and updates. Easy checking to locations. Aid in viral adoption of Wimm by showing "posted via Wimm" in Facebook feed. You could also setup easy checking in on foursquare or easy updates on Path."

8. Howard Campbell

"A voice recognition app that could be used with a Bluetooth headset that allows hands free control over other apps and device features."

9. Harry Levene

"An app that would allow you to send webpages from your phone to be stored offline in an optimized format for the wimm for quick access would be awesome."

10. Gabe Medine

"If I could develop any application for the WIMM I would create a central networking solution for small businesses. You could check your schedule, tasks, clock in and out, send messages (hopefully) see what your employees are doing at any time. My second idea is a car alarm system that sends out a bluetooth signal, the WIMM hooks onto the bluetooth signal allowing you to lock and unlock your car, set and unset the alarm."

If one of these people is you, contact us asap! If not, thanks very much for submitting your idea and stay tuned to SlashGear for more opportunities to bring the innovation fury in the near future!