Refreshed Google TV to miss Google IO, debut for holiday 2011?

Google TV may be faltering, but we'll have to wait longer than next week's Google IO conference in order to see the search giant's proposal for fixing it. That's the latest murmur from the rumor machine, with AllThingsD hearing from their insider sources that while Google will be holding a session for developers wanting to code TV-friendly apps at IO 2011, the actual reveal of the refreshed Google TV – and, indeed, the launch of the Android Market for Google TV – "won't be announced until sometime in the coming months."

In fact, Google is supposedly planning to have the updated Google TV ready in time for the holiday 2011 shopping season, which puts it somewhere far later in the year. Unlike its first iteration, which threatened to bypass cable and other networks altogether – and earned Google multiple blocks from streaming content providers – the tweaked Google TV will supposedly be "pitched more clearly" as a way to add to the existing TV experience, bringing companion applications and videos that would not normally be available through traditional channels.

Whether that will be enough to persuade manufacturers to get on board remains to be seen. Google is said to be finally bringing Vizio and Samsung into the Google TV fold, while previous leaks have suggested faster processors and a reworked UI to make the whole experience more palatable to consumers. However, existing Google TV devices – like the Logitech Revue – will also apparently be upgradable to the new version.

As we've written before, it's certainly not beyond Google to save Google TV. However, it will take more than a rejigged interface and a few extra OEMs.