Google TV Revamp To Include Android Apps, Better UI, Faster Chip

We talked about Google TV and its shortcomings earlier this month, and how the less than stellar platform may be resuscitated. According to industry sources from BusinessInsider, it looks like many of our talking points will likely be addressed when the company reveals a revamped Google TV at its upcoming Google I/O conference.

Of the three main areas that we'll see improvement, the first is in performance. It is rumored that the new Google TV will utilize a faster chip set, possibly one from ARM. The second is an overall enhanced user interface. We mentioned earlier this month that Google had been recruiting new UI developers specifically for this task. And third, is the support for Android apps. A Google TV specific Android Market may be in the works.

The industry source also believes that Android in general is set for an "explosion of new video content and apps." Fueling this will be the emergence of new Android tablets and the integration of Android into Google TV. All this sounds great, but will it be enough to get consumers to add an extra set top box to their TV, especially considering other alternatives out there for more interactive content access?

[via BusinessInsider]