REETI PCBot tracks users, squirts video and blushes [Video]

Chris Davies - Mar 30, 2011, 4:08am CDT
REETI PCBot tracks users, squirts video and blushes [Video]

In the robotics world, silicone rubber can be either used for disturbing evil, such as the slug-like Elphoid P1 humanoid cellphone, or for bug-eyed good, like French firm Robopec‘s endearing REETI. The desktop companion is both a PC, a webcam and a telepresence ‘bot, capable of streaming live video from his webcam eyes, responding to touch thanks to various embedded sensors, and making facial expressions.

Video demo after the cut

Inside is a 1.8GHz dual-core Atom CPU paired with NVIDIA Ion 2 graphics, a 500GB hard-drive, WiFi b/g/n, ethernet, three USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, digital audio outputs, Blu-ray,  and more, running Ubuntu with some custom robotics tools preloaded. Hooked up to a display, keyboard and mouse, and you can use REETI as your regular desktop.

Your normal PC probably doesn’t have cheeks that light up in various colors depending on mood, a head that can turn and track people in 3D (or be remotely controlled by an iPad app), or respond and track sound and key commands. REETI is also capable of reading out RSS, Facebook, Twitter and other sources, or acting as a robotic receptionist to welcome people to your business.

It reminds us of a far more complex Nabaztag, but then Robopec is positioning REETI as an open-source development platform rather than just a simply entertainment device. No word on pricing at this stage.

[youtube P3R45YbEM2M]

[via Plastic Pals]

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