RED's Scarlet Camera Still Exists, Gets Shown Off

RED has high-end cameras in the works. That hasn't been a secret for more than a year now. And even if they had been on schedule at one point in time, we know that a bug that plagued not only the RED Scarlet camera, but also their EPIC version, made it so that the cameras were delayed not weeks, but months. There were even some folks out there claiming that the Scarlet camera was merely a pipe dream, and would never see the light of day. But, as soon as that bug got squashed, development picked back up, and now we get the Scarlet on film.

Thanks to an image posted on the Red User forum, we can say that the Scarlet camera, in fact, does exist. And, it's still looking good. We imagine that, despite the fact it still doesn't have a release date, that it's still going to be priced somewhere around that $3,000 mark. It will also still feature that touchscreen, 8x fixed zoom, and plethora of input options. It will easily be one of the priciest cameras on the market, whenever it launches, but considering it's supposed to shoot better video than some of the best cameras deployed in Hollywood right now, perhaps that price tag is worth it. If anything, we're just happy to see that the camera is out there.

[via Forums]