RED EPIC bug squashed; Scarlet should launch by end of year

High-end camera manufacturer RED has announced that the "bug" holding up production of their new EPIC and Scarlet cameras has been identified and squashed, though the projects are now several months delayed.  Rather than rush production, however, RED founder Jim Jannard is insisting that the company won't release "a buggy camera with limited features"; instead they will continue with their testing program, adding EPIC-X sensors to RED ONE cameras as part of their Tattoo project, and kicking off EPIC production once the feedback is suitably positive.

"We have working EPIC cameras... and are adding features on a daily basis. Firmware upgrades are happening fast and furious. But please remember that we are not going to release a buggy camera with limited features this time, so keep that in mind. Lots of testing, upgrading, new features, bug patrol... and all of the above happening now. The RED ONE is now one of the most reliable cameras in the industry (after a humble beginning)... EPIC will not be a step backward." Jim Jannard, founder, RED

The RED EPIC will be the first to arrive, with Scarlet trailing by an unspecified amount of time; still, Jannard says he expects it to launch before the end of 2010.  Meanwhile the company has also taken the opportunity to extend the camera's mainboard by 13mm, which will have a minimal knock-on effect on manufacturing.

Jannard also confirmed that, as tipped previously, EPIC production will take place in the US; it is unclear where Scarlet will be manufactured.  Meanwhile, the new Bomb EVF (electronic viewfinder) will begin shipping in mid-July.

[via Electronista]