RedMagic Cyberpods might be the strangest looking earbuds yet

Over the past couple of years, we've seen basically every major smart device brand in the world release a pair of earbuds. We know exactly where that trend originated – and we know that we're at the point at which we're finally starting to reach the point at which we can access high quality earbuds with top-notch features for relatively low prices. At the same time, we've gotten to the point at which a company like RedMagic can produce a pair of gaming earbuds with LED lights for a cool $50 USD.

The RedMagic Cyberpods earbuds work with "Atmospheric Lights". That means they've got red LED lights that show their wild logo bright and at-attention at the helm of both buds. The charging case in which they're delivered also has a set of LED lights for good measure. RedMagic calls this a "cyberpunk light design" – not to be mistaken for the game Cyberpunk 2077, which is making its own fair share of cross-branded products.

This set of earbuds works with 8mm Dynamic Drivers, "Binaural Simultaneous Sound", and smart auto Bluetooth pairing, as they call it. These earbuds claim 39ms low latency audio "for pro gamers." That low latency "Game Mode" is only available on RedMagic Devices – to make sure you're fully on-board with the whole RedMagic suite of gaming machines.

These earbuds connect with "all kinds of smart phones" for basic Bluetooth audio, but you'll find the most feature-rich experience with RedMagic devices. RedMagic suggests that these earbuds are "sound canceling" and work with "anti-sound leakage" but it does not appear that they include ANC.

The RedMagic Cyberpods earbuds will be released in one color (at first, maybe expanding to other colors in the future), starting on December 5, 2020. RedMagic Cyberpods have a starting price of $49.90 and can be purchased online at the RedMagic (dot gg) web store "soon".