RedMagic 5S released for smartphone gaming both balanced and beautiful

The gaming smartphone RedMagic 5S was revealed for global release this morning with a wide variety of markets, including the USA. This is a rarity when it comes to globally-released phones from brands that aren't already deeply embedded in the fabric of the USA carrier market. RedMagic 5S offers a unique proposition: a gaming-focused smartphone with top-end features for a price that wont break your bank.

RedMagic 5S was released with a 6.65-inch "Esport AMOLED display" with 144Hz image refresh rate and 240Hz touch refresh rate. That means the device will be checking the location of your fingers touching the screen at nearly twice the speed that games will refresh imagery.

This device will be released with UFS 3.1 Storage and LPDDR5 RAM, with either 8GB or 12GB RAM and either 128GB or 256GB internal storage. The RedMagic 5S works with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and dual-mode 5G network connectivity (sub-6 and mmWave for good measure).

Above and below you'll see what this device looks like and features it includes. This device looks a whole lot like the RedMagic 5G – it's just a TINY bit different when it comes to display refresh rate and the power with which you'll roll.

The RedMagic 5S was made available globally this week for a starting price of $579 USD. You'll also see this phone available for 579 Euro and 539 GBP, depending on your region. This device has been released for sale in two colors/configurations, one in Sonic Silver with 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, the other in "Pulse" color with 12GB RAM and 256GB internal storage.

There'll also be an "Ice Dock" available for approximately $45 USD. You'll find the lot available at RedMagic's official website, right this minute. Stay tuned as we get up close and personal with this phone in our upcoming review – or drop in on our RedMagic 5G Review for more information on the device that was released just before this newest model.