Redbox Expands Video Game Rentals to More Kiosks

Evan Selleck - Oct 13, 2010
Redbox Expands Video Game Rentals to More Kiosks

Redbox has decided to move forward with video game rentals from their kiosks, based on results from their initial testing phase back in August, 2009. That roll-out was a small one, popping up in a few Redbox locations across the Reno, Nevada area. While there hasn’t been any official statement made yet, nor have the results of that testing been revealed, it seems the company is ready to expand the service across the United States.

While choosing a DVD, or Blu-ray, is easy enough from the kiosk itself, customers can also use the Redbox website to “reserve” movies for a later pick-up. The company is using that same method for video game rentals as well, giving customers the option for finding titles on the website, and then find a local kiosk to pick up the title. As of now, it looks like Redbox is still supporting Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Nintendo’s Wii and DS handheld, as well as Sony’s PlayStation 3. Sony’s PSP has apparently been passed over in the national roll-out.

According to Mashable, Redbox is expanding the video game rental tests to “additional markets in the West, Midwest and Atlantic coast.” Redbox is continuing the testing phase, though, considering the national roll-out as just a continuation of the test, to “gauge consumer interest in video game rentals.” As far as selectable titles, Redbox is sticking with new releases, as well as top-selling titles. Customers will be charged $2 per day, and the titles can be kept as long as you need, as long as you’re okay with the charges recurring every day.

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