Redbox now renting Blu-ray in many areas

Shane McGlaun - Jul 30, 2010
Redbox now renting Blu-ray in many areas

Years ago, there were movie rental places all over my town. Then Blockbuster came in and put everyone out of business but one store. Over the last year, every one of the Blockbuster locations in my town has gone out of business leaving one rental store for a town of around 100,000 people.

This is the reason why there are Redbox kiosks popping up all over the place. The last time I was checking a Redbox kiosk I noticed one single Blu-ray film in the library. Redbox has now announced that it is renting Blu-ray films with the price reportedly at $1.50 per night.

You can hop over to the Redbox Blu-ray page and put in your zip code to find kiosks in your area packed with Blu-ray titles. Too bad this will do nothing to get the flicks into the Redbox catalog faster.

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