Redbox Thinks They're Ready for Video Games

We're sure you've fallen victim to it, at least a couple times. On your way out of the supermarket or Walmart, you see a giant red box, and it beckons you, like the bull to the red cape. And you realize too late that you suddenly want to watch a movie, almost like you've always wanted to watch a movie, but you just hadn't realized it yet. Well, now it looks like Redbox is hoping you continue to fall victim to their wiles, but this time they want another dollar, so you can go home and play that copy of Tiger Woods you've been dying to play.

Out of the gate, Redbox is offering 24-hour video game rentals of minimal stock, for $2.00. It's as easy to rent the games as it was the movies, but you shouldn't expect to find a lot there. They are covering all of the major consoles though: Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 and 3, the Nintendo Wii and DS(i), as well as Sony's PSP. And while it may be fantastic to dream that the Redbox could some how deliver you your PSP Go! titles when it launches later in the year, that's not likely.

For now, Redbox is keeping the video game distribution to Reno, Nevada for its test run. It's not a surprise to us that Redbox is going this route, especially considering the population's eagerness to rush into the digital media age. But, how long can they compete with other sources like Blockbuster, which offers a five-day rental of a game for only $9.00. And while many hail to GameFly's library and pricing, they still cannot provide the sort of instant gratification that many want after making a purchase, especially with a video game.

[via Hot Hardware]