RCA budget camcorders announced with removable memory

If Flip's latest $180 Mino camcorder is too rich for your blood (or just a little predictable) then RCA might have a few more options to tickle your fancy.  The three new devices all use solid-state memory and adopt the upright, somewhat blocky design common in budget camcorders; entry level is the $89.99 MyLife EX200, mid-range is the Pocket EX205 at $99.99, while top-spec (relatively speaking) comes the Traveller EX210, at $149.99, which has a splashproof housing.

The two cheaper models are, as the slight price difference suggests, very similar.  Both have a 1.5-inch LCD flip-out display, use a microSD card (with 1GB in the box) for storage and have "improved" low-light recording.  The EX205 can capture 30 minutes of recording time in near-DVD-quality mode (alternatively two hours in Web Sharing mode) while the EX205 manages 30 minutes of recording time in "HQ" mode.

Meanwhile, the EX210 has a 2.4-inch, 320x240 fixed LCD and boasts one hour of near-DVD-quality recording on the supplied 2GB SD card.  It comes with various clips and cases, as well as TV and AV cables.

All three are powered by normal batteries, and have web-video modes for lower resolution (e.g. YouTube) footage.  They'll be on sale at Amazon this Summer.

[via ShinyShiny]