Razer Iskur chair presents the “perfect gaming form”

Chris Burns - Oct 10, 2020, 12:00pm CDT
Razer Iskur chair presents the “perfect gaming form”

Razer Iskur is a gaming chair that takes a few different turns VS the rest of the market. This chair, the first gaming chair ever made by Razer, works with a “fully customizable support” system for the user’s back. To create this experience, Razer employed memory foam, high density foam cushions, and multi layered synthetic leather system in the most-used portions of the seat.

Per Razer, gaming chairs today are a “copied, pasted, racing chair inspired concept.” The company decided they’d attempt to make something better, making existing solutions work, but WITH proper back support. As Razer said today, “proper posture and spinal health should not be overlooked.”

The head cushion on this chair is filled with memory foam – since your head contains your brain, the most important piece of this entire puzzle. The cushions lower in the chair are filled with high density foam. They are meant to be the “perfect balance of support and comfort.”

On the sides of the chair are two “4D armrests” that go up, down, side to side, wobble, and both backwards and forwards. The backrest can lean back and forth, there’s a height adjustment, and the entire seat can tilt. That’s all in addition to the customizable lumbar support system.

The most-traveled bits of the chair are covered in multi layered synthetic leather “to withstand longer hours of wear and tear.” This is easily the most often-overlooked element in any computer chair. They wear out, quickly, and easily. If Razer’s able to do with this chair what they did with their Razer Tactical Bag back in 2015, they’ve got a winner on their hands. A winner that’ll last its user a LONG, long time. This chair is “engineered to carry up to 136KG / 299 LBS” of weight, and up to 190CM / 6.2′ (a 6+ foot tall person).

The Razer Iskur gaming chair had a release date of October 10, 2020 from Razer’s online store. By the end of the year, this chair will also be available at “selected retail” stores in the USA, Canada, EU, China, and AP. The Razer Iskur gaming chair will have a release price of approximately $500 USD.

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