Raspberry Pi takes on Google's Project Glass

The developer / engineer known as Will Powell has taken some precise steps towards making Google's Project Glass augmented reality headset look positively late to the market, and Raspberry Pi is his next big leap. What you're about to see in the video below is a quick demonstration of how Powell has taken the Vuzix 1200 Star heads-up glasses and made them next-level awesome by utilizing the ultra-inexpensive and super cute computer known as Raspberry Pi. Though they do take a while to boot up from dead, the whole process is more than promising – it's downright exciting!

Powell has released several videos that have excited us in ways that only Google otherwise has in modern times with their effort known as Project Glass. In fact, Powell has made no effort to hide the fact that he's been inspired by Google for his project series here – and since he's rolling out the videos well before Google's final product is set to hit shelves, he's certainly got some engineers on the edges of their seats. Have a peek at a simple boot process here and see what this project is shaping up as.

This man named Powell has had several exciting moments appear here on SlashGear over the past few months, each of them accessible in the timeline below aside Project Glass events that have popped up right alongside Powell's. The race is on, folks – who will create the most usable system first?