Raspberry Pi camera module finalized, priced at $25

Craig Lloyd - Feb 6, 2013, 11:58 am CST
Raspberry Pi camera module finalized, priced at $25

The Raspberry Pi has been taking the DIY world by storm lately with it’s $35 credit card-sized computer. Now, users will be able to tack on a camera for $25 more very soon. The folks behind Raspberry Pi have announced that they’ve finalized the design of the camera module are “at least a month away” from releasing it to the public.

The camera module will connect directly to the Raspberry Pi and will give hobbyists and DIYers the ability to build vision-based applications. Spec-wise, the camera is an OV5647 with a 5MP sensor that’s capable of recording HD video. The ribbon cable below the module connects directly to the Raspberry Pi’s mainboard. No other connections are needed.

Unfortunately, the camera doesn’t feature interchangeable lenses, filters, or even a zoom, but for only $25, you can’t really complain. The Raspberry Pi devs say that the camera module can be used for applications focused on robotics, home automation, and even aerial functions, where taking an expensive camera up into the sky is risky business.

The camera module will cost the same as the just-released Model A board, which is a European exclusive right now. The camera module was first announced back in July of 2012, around the same time that the Raspberry Pi board became generally available. Hopefully we’ll see the camera module sooner than later, but we’re looking at least a month, so you’ll definitely want to be patient.

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