Model A Raspberry Pi now available in Europe

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 4, 2013
Model A Raspberry Pi now available in Europe

The Model A Raspberry Pi, a stripped version of the Model B, is now available for purchase in Europe, following “very soon” in other parts of the globe. Because it’s stripped down, the price tag is only $25 versus $35 for the Model B, and it uses less power for those with energy-sensitive needs. Check out a picture of the unit and its specs after the jump.

The Model A is said to use only 30-percent of the power of the Model B, making it a better choice for those using solar power sources. According to the announcement, software is currently in development that will further lower this number. Unlike the Model B, the Model A does not offer Ethernet, offering instead one USB port and 256MB of RAM.

The units are available from RS Components and Premier Farnell. Those located outside Europe can order the Model A now from RS Components, but won’t get the unit for a bit because of a “short delay” caused by paperwork processing. Those who want to order from Farnell will have to wait until the paperwork goes through before they can order the unit.

Back on October 15, the Model B Raspberry Pi got a RAM boost to 512MB as a follow up to Turbo Mode, which overclocks the board to 1GHz for those who need a bit more performance. For those unfamiliar, the Raspberry Pi is a wildly popular miniature (by miniature, we mean tiny) computer that is ultra-low cost and can be used for a variety of nifty things, including setting up a media center for the living room.

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