Raspberry Pi 5-megapixel camera add-on announced

Earlier today we told you that the teeny tiny Raspberry Pi is now available for general order without any quantity restrictions in place, but the Raspberry Pi news isn't stopping there. A 5-megapixel camera add-on for the super-small and super-cheap computer has been announced as well, and it's expected to cost between $20 and $25. Not too bad, so long as you're okay with spending nearly as much on the camera as you did on the Raspberry Pi itself.

For its part, the camera doesn't seem to add too much bulk to the system, but additional bulk is essentially unavoidable when the computer is only the size of a credit card. The camera – which attaches to the Raspberry Pi through a ribbon cable – should be available sometime within the next three months, so if you're dying to put the add-on to the test, you don't have much longer to wait.

Introduced back in April, the Raspberry Pi quickly took the world of computers by storm. It racked up an insane amount of pre-orders in a short amount of time, and even though the Pi is primarily aimed at getting kids interested in programming through inexpensive means, consumers made it clear that they wanted in on it as well. Founder Eben Upton told CNET that there is still a backlog of orders to fill, but with the Raspberry Pi Foundation producing 4,000 units per day, he hopes that it will soon be able to catch up with demand.

Unfortunately, Upton didn't delve into specifics as far as a release date is concerned when he announced the camera during the Raspberry Jam event in Cambridge, England, so it looks like we'll be left waiting for more official word on when this camera will become available. Stay tuned.