Raspberry Pi $35 PC gets unofficial Apple AirPlay support

$35 computer project Raspberry Pi continues to amaze, with a new demonstration showing the education-focussed palmsized desktop using Apple's AirPlay to stream video from an iPad to a TV. The side-project of one of the developers working at Raspberry Pi, the setup consists of a specially coded AirPlay app for the tiny PC itself and an unmodified Apple tablet.

Plug the Raspberry Pi into the TV, using the standard HDMI output, run the AirPlay app, and the iPad can select the cheap computer as a playback option for video. If you're wondering, the creepy cows are from the infamous cyriak.

Although billed as a low-cost way for students to get to grips with programming and open-source hardware/software, Raspberry Pi is looking more and more interesting to everyone else, too. Back in August it was shown running Quake III, and now it looks like it could make for a capable little A/V streaming adapter too.

The first ten units went up for auction at the start of the month and brought the charity a pretty penny; however regular production has since started, with pricing at the far more reasonable $35.

[via Gizmodo]