Raon Digital Everun Note reviews, photos, hands-on videos

Chris Davies - Sep 3, 2008

More information and live photos of Raon Digital’s Everun Note are emerging, including some video demos of both the hardware and its touchscreen.  Raon Digital confirmed the Note’s specifications and $879 price-tag earlier this week and the device is available to preorder in the US and Europe from importers for mid-September delivery.  However some Korean buyers already have the device, and Lazion.com have put together a review.

Check out the video demos of the Raon Digital Everun Note after the cut

The translation isn’t the best I’ve seen, but there’s plenty to take away just from the multiple photos.  Lazion compare the Everun Note to the MSI Wind, showing just how compact the Raon Digital device is, as well as to the company’s earlier Vega UMPC.

The shot next to the MSI Wind is perhaps the most telling; the Everun Note will not be the device for everyone, with the size of the keyboard likely to be the common complaint.  Personally, though, I’m still excited by the device, and I’m looking forward to reading the first hands-on reports.

Everun Note overview:

Touchscreen demo:

[via pocketables, UMPC Fever]

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