R2-D2 teapot goes up for pre-order

There seems no end to the Star Wars elements you can find for decking out your home, and many of them — oddly enough — seem to be specifically for the kitchen. This R2-D2 teapot is one example, allowing you to boil water on the stove with a bit of other-world flair. The rounded dome is designed to look just like R2, including his iconic blue painting, dark lens, and red light. The lid flips up for adding water, but when it is down the visage is uncanny.

The R2-D2 teapot surfaced over at Urban Collector, where it is currently available for pre-order for $35.99 USD (the regular price is $4 higher). It is estimated to start shipping this upcoming September to those who order the unit.

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The teapot is made from ceramic rather than the too common aluminum, keeping the water's taste from being altered before it gets to your French press or tea cup. The design — aside from the R2-D2 stylings — is conservative, at least as far as teapots go.

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VIA: Gizmodo