Qualcomm partners with Google on Tango phone

While both units remain "developer units", Google has announced that Project Tango is prepared now as a tablet for the public and as a phone with Qualcomm inside. The Project Tango Developer Kit tablet will be available from the Google Store as early as this afternoon to all buyers. It'll have the same price as it did for developers most recently (reduced from the original, of course), for a cool $512 USD. This kit will use an NVIDIA K1 processor inside while another phone-sized device is currently in development. This phone-sized device will have Qualcomm's processor technology running the show.

So let's be clear, again – there are TWO Tango devices now. While for a while it seemed as though Google had given up on the phone-sized Tango, it's time again to take another swipe. The tablet, on the other hand, was always part of the equation, and is now set to be available through the Google Store for all consumers.

You'll find essentially no differences now with the Project Tango Tablet Developer Kit compared to earlier this year – or late last year when they first went on sale for developers only.

That means a 7.02" 1920x1200 HD IPS display, NVIDIA Tegra K1 under the hood, and a load of 3D motion and feature tracking abilities.

Qualcomm is working with Google to create the real-deal Project Tango phone.

While the first Project Tango phone worked with an unnamed processor, this version will certainly be Qualcomm's Snapdragon, loud and proud.

Above you'll see the Project Tango Developer Kit phone as created in partnership with Qualcomm. This version of the device will also have a ToF Depth Camera, Motion Tracking Camera, RGB Camera, and the ability to capture Gyroscope and Accelerometer information with time-stamping included.

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