Qualcomm axing FLO TV consumer services?

Join us in shedding an ironic half-tear for FLO TV, Qualcomm's little-loved streaming TV service, which according to PaidContent will be axing its direct-to-consumers service by the end of the year.  Their sources say that staff in the MediaFLO division were informed of the decision late last week, and that Qualcomm is currently in talks with AT&T and Verizon over the white-label services they offer each carrier.

It's not the first hint that Qualcomm were dissatisfied with FLO TV; back in July the company confirmed that it was in early stage discussions with potential buyers for the service.  Those talks seemingly came to nothing, leaving Qualcomm considering other potential uses for the technology.  Most interesting is data-casting, discussed at the recent IQ 2010 event and billed as a way to maintain cached data on mobile devices and shift loading away from the regular networks.