Quadcore iPad 3 LTE at NYC event next week tip sources [Updated]

Apple's third-gen iPad will make its official debut at an event next week, according to new sources, lending further weight to earlier talk of a March 7 debut for the iPad 3. The information was reported by CNBC this morning; the company's sources have been more than brief, only indicating that the iPad 3 will indeed have 4G LTE and be revealed next week. Still, there are a few surprises: they also say it has a quadcore processor, rather than the dualcore we most recently heard whispers of, and Apple is supposedly bringing it out to play at an event in New York rather than its traditional San Francisco haunt.

Although a quadcore Apple A6 processor had been long suggested for the iPad 3, more recent leaks indicated Apple might be sticking with dualcore for the third-gen model. Details of an Apple A5X chipset emerged, scant but indicating a possibly faster dual CPU core and upgraded GPU; however, in recent days evidence of both A5X and A6 chips have been spotted in iOS 5.1 beta code.

Either way, an upgraded GPU seems likely to drive the new, Retina Display style screen. Although tipped to be the same size as the existing 9.7-inch panel, it's also believed to run at 2048 x 1536 resolution for smoother on-screen graphics and Full HD video.

Still no official word from Apple, but all the signs are pointing to next week being the big one for tablets. We'll report more when we hear it.

Update: Several other people are chiming in with other sources saying New York City is not what they're hearing about the event, and that it is still likely to take place in San Francisco.