Qplay 2.0 acts as personalized iPad Chromecast home base

Chris Burns - Jun 17, 2014
Qplay 2.0 acts as personalized iPad Chromecast home base

Supposing you’ve got a Chromecast and you’ve never heard of Qplay before, you’re in for a treat. This week the folks at Qplay – previously working with their own Chromecast-like hardware – have updated their app to work with Chromecast natively. Coming from the people that created TiVo, this app allows you to collect all of your favorite networks for video, photos, and music, in one place for casting to Chromecast.

Where before you’d have had to work with a variety of apps to send media to your Chromecast from your iPad, Qplay makes it simple to settle down with a single piece of software. Below you’ll see an image with a collection of services Qplay works with right off the bat.


This system also allows for a “Party Q” to be made. This is a list of videos, music, and photos that can be added to by whoever is invited to the list. This list can be made either inside your Wi-fi network locally or on a cloud-based basis with friends you connect to through Qplay.

Qplay has become an expanding sort of mini-social-network as well with the addition of hashtags. Each video, for example, has its own “Q Page” with a description and hashtags for easy discovery.

The Qplay app is available for the iPad specifically on iTunes right this minute. It’s entirely free, and we’re hoping they’ll expand their creation coverage for Android and more devices soon!

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