Qplay auto-curates internet video from TiVo founders

Chris Davies - Feb 25, 2014
Qplay auto-curates internet video from TiVo founders

Qplay, the streaming video box designed by the creators of TiVo, has officially launched, packaging together new and popular online content for what’s billed as plug-and-play entertainment. The compact Qplay TV Adapter, smaller than a deck of cards, plugs in via HDMI and the viewer then uses a companion iPad app to customize their preferences and interests, with curated playlists – dubbed “Qs” by the company – being generated accordingly.

Regular Qs are based on interests, whether they be sport, entertainment, or something else. However, there are also Social Qs, bundling up content that has been shared by the user’s friends across Facebook and Twitter.


Playback can be on both the TV Adapter or the Qplay iPad app, though unlike Apple’s AirPlay it does not require the tablet to act as an intermediary for TV viewing.

Content is pulled from YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Vimeo, Twitter, and Instagram, though Qplay says it will be adding more over time. Qs can also be viewer-curated through a browser bookmark, and then shared either privately with friends or publicly to all Qplay users.

The Qplay TV Adapter is available to preorder now, priced at $49, with the company saying that a limited amount will ship immediately. The rest will be delivered first-come, first-served when more stock is on offer.

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