Psystar OS X netbook in development?

Apple have been pretty resolute that we'll not find a netbook with their logo on it any time soon, but that doesn't mean budget ultraportables running OS X won't end up on sale.  Perpetual pain-in-the-Apple-ass Psystar have confirmed that they're developing a mobile Mac computer, and while details are unknown it's entirely possible that they're looking to sell a preconfigured Hackint0sh netbook.

Netbooks running OS X are nothing new – we've featured a few of them here on SlashGear before – but up until now they've been DIY efforts, owners buying Windows XP or Linux machines and replacing (or supplementing) the original OS with Apple's platform.  Psystar, however, have made a habit of selling generic PC hardware modified to run OS X off-the-shelf, which has already earned them an ongoing legal battle with Apple.

If Psystar can bring an OS X netbook to market at a low enough price – and considering one of the models known to work well with OS X is the MSI Wind, also one of the cheapest netbooks and known for being supplied as a whitebox unit for rebranding – then they could see a whole lot more buyers than already buy their clone desktop systems.  Up until now, the company has been happy to mimic Apple's own range at cheaper prices; an OS X netbook would be the first time Psystar offered something that Apple themselves did not.