PSN back online but some PS4 gamers still can't connect

Sony may have brought the PlayStation Network back to life after its three days of downtime, but that hasn't stopped some PS4 and PS3 owners from still experiencing problems getting online. The resurrection of the gaming network after it came under attack on Christmas Day cost Sony no small amount of lost reputation, but even with the fix that was finalized yesterday in place, not everyone is happy. Ongoing reports of an inability to connect mean the headache isn't over for some gamers simply wanting to get their online gaming going.

According to Sony, while the repairs have been made from their perspective, there may be lingering issues. "Some latency may be experienced due to high volume," the company said of the network, presumably from a large number of people trying to get online simultaneously and activate new consoles acquired over the holidays.

However, latency isn't what many are reporting, instead a complete inability to get a connection to the PSN.

Sony's suggestion to those still encountering problems is to contact its service centers. However, there are a few general troubleshooting guidelines that others have found work to restore PSN service.

Restarting the PlayStation 4 seems an obvious one, but has done the trick for some, while resetting whatever router you rely upon for network connectivity has also reportedly worked.

Meanwhile, the so-called "MTU fix" has worked for other gamers. That involves hitting the network settings on the PS4 and changing the maximum transmission unit size: the biggest size, in bytes, of the largest protocol data unit that can be transmitted.

That setting can be found by going to Settings > Network > Set-up Internet > Custom and changing the default of 1500 to 1473. Everything else should be left as "automatic".

Tweaking the MTU from its default has worked for some and not for others, so your mileage may vary.

Whether or not that solves your PSN headache, Sony is presumably still refining things behind the scenes, though there's no telling when the effects of the DDoS which brought the network to its knees will finally be forgotten.