Psion-Intel Netbook trademark fight settled

Psion have announced that other companies are free to use the netbook name, reaching an "amicable agreement" with Intel and ending their lengthy legal battle.  While the full details of that agreement are unknown, Psion have confirmed that they will be voluntarily withdrawing their "netbook" trademark registrations.

Neither Intel nor Psion have accepted any level of liability in the case, which saw Psion accused of misrepresenting their hardware sales with regards what Intel perceived as a legacy device bearing the "Netbook Pro" name.  Meanwhile Psion counter-sued Intel for trademark infringement, seeking to obtain not only exclusive use of the term netbook but Intel's domain and financial damages.

Psion have agreed to not seek damages from any companies that have already used the netbook name, who are using it presently, or who may use it in future.  Now Intel just has to face up to the latest competition in the budget ultraportable space: Qualcomm's Smartbook platform.