Intel to Psion: even you say Netbook Pro is discontinued

Intel have responded to Psion's countersuit over the silicon company's attempts to have the "Netbook" trademark revoked.  Psion maintains that they have not abandoned the trademark, and that sales of their Netbook Pro device continue; Intel argues that their sales in the US ceased after 2003, and indeed the Netbook Pro is listed under "Discontinued Products" on the company's own site.

Intel also maintain that, at the time it adopted the term "netbook", it was unaware that Psion claimed ownership of any relevant trademark.  It's point of "formal adoption" came, Intel suggest, when it acquired the domain, building a site that it denies is to "promote computer chips for use in laptop computers".

The response leaves Psion in pretty much the same position as before: proving that they can reasonably keep hold of a trademark for a product not on sale in the US for over five years, and no longer in production.  Right now, though, it looks like there's little chance of Intel giving in and handing over the coveted domain.