PS5 restock October: PlayStation Direct, GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy

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Today we're taking a peek at rumored stores for Sony PlayStation 5 restock both online and in-person at brick and mortar stores. At the moment, reports of restocks are largely rumors, and an official release schedule has not yet been revealed by any one retailer. By the time you read this article, though, this may have changed!

Antonline has a Twitter account where they reveal stock for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X. They're rumored this week to have PlayStation 5 bundles – though we do not know for certain if said bundles will be released with early notifications, or right on the spot! The last releases from this source were August 5, 12, 13, September 13, 16, 23.

Best Buy will not likely have PlayStation 5 units this week, given their appearance in-stock on the 1st of the month. You might've found the console in their online store, or you might've been one of the lucky few to find one of the physical stores with the console in stock.

Target had the PlayStation 5 in both standard and Digital editions on the 1st of October. There's a very good chance you'll see more units available in the next few weeks, but very little chance they'll return before the end of THIS week. You could call local stores to see if they still have stock, but your chances are slim.

The Xbox Series X and S appeared at Microsoft (in the Microsoft Store online) on the 30th of September, 2021. As such, we do not expect the Xbox Series X or S to re-appear at the Microsoft store for a few weeks from now.

GameStop had new stock of the PlayStation 5 on September 30 in SOME stores across the United States. These were BUNDLE options, including GameStop cards and PlayStation dollars and another controller for a total price of $704.97. If you really want a PlayStation 5 so very badly that you'll pay a few extra hundred dollars, you can get a Pro Membership to GameStop and find them fairly easily (easily VS waiting for several hours in line, that is).

Amazon released PlayStation 5 consoles on July 21, August 25, September 2, and September 21. It's possible they'll have more consoles this week – you might as well check – but chances are better they'll have more on the 21st of the month. Also – be sure you've got the right link or you'll be looking at listings from 3rd-party groups selling the console for hundreds of dollars over the original price.

PlayStation Direct had PlayStation 5 consoles on September 21, 23, and 28th. Chances are there'll be a few weeks between now and the next drop. You might also want to check in on Costco, Dell, Sam's Club, and B&H Photo this week – they're far more random!