PS5 and Xbox Series X stock seekers flip as trackers blocked

Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 hunts just got messier as sites like Walmart began enacting tracker blocks. Stock tracker BrickSeek reported "an issue with the Walmart Inventory Checker that is affecting local search results" – likely a direct result of Walmart ramping up actions to make console sales restocks more fair for the common buyer.

UPDATE: BrickSeek sent an update suggesting that "at the request of the retailers, search results for new consoles have been disabled." As sales of the Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X are some of the most sought-after pieces of tech this holiday season, launch days for online sales crashed sites and tore inventory asunder in minutes.

Pings from BrickSeek and similar stock-checking systems were only part of the issue when it came to the physical store location search process after online sales. BrickSeek continued, "please always show respect to store employees while shopping." It's clear the demand for PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X consoles has brought out the devil in some console seekers – and flippers, too.

Stock searcher PopFindr suggested that similar measures were put in place for Target this week. "Target changed some things, we changed the enpoint we use in the meantime," said PopFindr. "The current stock is less accurate than before, be weary[sp]."

Our own Eric Abent delivered a guide to heading out and finding a new console called My PS5 and Xbox Series X restock strategy – Tips to beat the bots. In short: If we cannot rely on stock trackers like PopFindr and BrickSeek, we'll need to adjust our system and/or adjust our expectations and/or goals. Your best bet might be finding a bundle – that'll mean spending more to get more, which COULD be better than heading to eBay to spend FAR more than you expected you might in the first place.

Most stores either aren't allowed to sell the stock they have, or they're in a position where they're not allowed to divulge information about when stock will return. If you're desperate enough to try, now might be the moment you head back into a retail job. Though we wouldn't recommend it, given our current state of affairs with a global pandemic in-effect and the holiday gifting season in fulll swing.

Really, the only guarantee anyone is going to be able to offer you on getting an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 at retail price will be waiting. Sony and Microsoft have no plans of stopping manufacturing of these consoles any time soon – you'll get one some day!